For over 13 years, attorney Shannon Deonier has provided outstanding legal services for countless clients in Spokane and the surrounding areas in nearly all aspects of family law. Shannon began her legal career in 2003 and spent over a decade gaining exemplary family law and litigation experience with the likes of:

  • Mary Schultz & Associates (2003-2005)
  • Paine Hamblen LLP (2005-2016)

With over 13 years of family law experience, Shannon has handled the full range of family law cases - from the simplest to the most complex. She is not only a highly skilled and respected litigator, but Shannon is also equally adept at the negotiating table and in alternative dispute resolution venues.

This unique collaboration of skills and experiences places Shannon in a strong position to provide lasting family law solutions that surpass your specific needs and concerns. Contact Shannon today and let her help you understand and resolve your family law matters - effectively, efficiently and committedly. 

The Law Office of Shannon Deonier

What You Can Expect With Our Firm

Legal Solutions that Accommodate Your Needs

Shannon takes the time to truly listen to her clients to understand their specific needs and concerns. These efforts ensure that legal solutions are customized to each client's unique situation.


Dedication, Dedication, Dedication

Shannon's sincere and tireless dedication to clients goes almost unmatched. She is devoted to working with her clients to provide smart solutions and a clear understanding of the legal issues that affect them.

Experience You Can Count On

Knowledge of Family Law and the Issues Affecting Your Case

Shannon has over 13 years of family law experience. She knows and understands the law and constantly stays abreast of any legal changes or trends in her field.


Experience With Your Specific Family Law Matter

Shannon not only knows the law but she has over 13 years of high caliber practice experience. This experience means clients can faithfully rely upon and trust her for committed representation.